Yonga Technology, an R&D Company specialized in ASIC and FPGA design and applied Computer Vision applications, located in Teknopark Istanbul, Kurtkoy is now seeking a Senior Software Engineer - Computer Vision (Code: SSE-CV)

Job Summary:

Be part of an agile and ambitious team working with passion for technology and innovation. We are looking for an experienced computer vision engineer responsible for developing and deploying creative new computer vision and machine learning algorithms for real-time tracking, video analysis, camera calibration and 3D reconstruction. Apply distributed computation and GPUs to accelerate computing. Write reliable, high-performance, production-grade C++ server-side code. Document algorithmic approaches, test results, prepare technical reports, present results, and demonstrate system capabilities to peer review groups, partners, working groups, and sponsors.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
  •  Research and develop various technologies to develop novel, accurate computer vision algorithms and advanced systems with a focus on real-time object recognition, object tracking, camera calibration and 3D reconstruction which can be applied to augmented reality.
  •  Apply machine learning and deep learning to computer vision problems
  •  Implement and optimize core computer vision routines and algorithm with reliable production-grade code
  •  Build distributed computation systems with GPU to accelerate the algorithm
  •  Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability and stability of various deployed system
  •  Identify technical limitations and devise strategies to overcome them
  •  Collaborate with team members from prototyping through production to advance project
Qualifications & Competencies:
  •  Bachelor's/M.Sc./Ph.D. degree in Computer Science/Electronics/Mechatronics Engineering or other related technical discipline with at least 3 years of relevant experience including a minimum of 1-2 years of prior Computer Vision and/or Machine Learning development experience
  •  Proficiency in C++, Java, Python and experience in software development using OpenCV and other CV Libraries (TensorFlow, Torch, Numpy and YoLo)
  •  Additionally, exposure to any or all of the following technologies is beneficial: CUDA, GPGPU computing, Caffe, MATLAB, Boost C++ libraries
  •  Demonstrated industrial experience in developing software for computer vision, machine learning or computer graphics application
  •  Demonstrated experience in working on Real Time Imaging and Acquisition Systems
  •  Demonstrated experience with CPU/GPU programming with a beneficial experience with NVIDIA CUDA/cuDNN libraries
  •  Demonstrated experience in distributed computation
  •  Demonstrated experience in Algorithm optimization skills


Primary Location: Istanbul / Ankara selectable upon candidate’s residence status

Special Working Conditions: Deferred or completed military service for male candidates

Benefits: Yonga Technology offers a comprehensive benefits package including a liberal vacation plan, private health insurance package, significant educational assistance and competitive salaries commensurate with skills and experience