Embedded Software Design and Verification Engineer

YongaTEK -  Yonga Technology Microelectronics R&D

Teknopark İstanbul – Kurtköy




We are looking for “Embedded Software Design and Verification Engineers” to be our teammates in a challenging league. YongaTek is located in Teknopark İstanbul and working with top companies of Turkey mainly in defense, health and industry.



Job Description


  •  Development and verification of embedded software on Microprocessors, FPGAs, CPLDs and DSPs
  •  Development and verification of hardware, operation system adaptation (porting) and BSP (Board Support Package)
  •  Development by using C, C++ or C#
  •  Development and review of Hardware/Firmware requirements
  •  Development and verification of Hardware/Firmware design and code
  •  Development and execution of Hardware/Firmware test scenarios
  •  Usage of interfaces like SPI, I2C, USB, UART, Ethernet, SD Card, Video and Memory IF
  •  Creating detailed technical documentation on designs and tests (Specification, architecture and verification)
  •  Working collaboratively with internal/external teams
  •  Daily usage of communication skills in Turkish and English



Job Qualifications

  •  Bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer or Electrical and Electronics Engineering or any related discipline
  •  Experience in verifying and debugging digital hardware/firmware, interfaces and communication protocols
  •  Experience in developing applications with uCs, FPGAs and DSPs
  •  Experience with communication protocols such as SPI, I2C, USB, UART, Ethernet, SD Card, Video and Memory IF
  •  Hands-on experience in developing BSP, driver and applications for Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS  and/or Real Time Operating Systems
  •  Good knowledge in C/C++ or C# programming languages
  •  Knowledge in Bootloading and  BareMetal environment
  •  Interest in R&D environment and solving complex technical problems
  •  Self-motivated to drive for excellence.
  •  Must be a team player, disciplined and well organized.
  •  A good command of written and spoken English
  •  Deferred or completed military service for male candidates.



  •  Experience in Embedded Linux, Yocto, U-boot and kernel programming
  •  3+ years’ experience in embedded software development, preferably in hardware design
    3+ years’ experience in C , C++ or C#
  •  Knowledge of VHDL, Verilog and/or System Verilog languages
  •  Software development experience with ARM and other embedded processor cores.
  •  Experience in Texas Instruments AM57x Sitare Processors and DM3730 Digital Media Processor, NXP IMX.6 Processors, Altera Cyclone V SoC Family
  •  Experience in Autotest framework
  •  Experience in Lauterbach, BlackHawk development environments


About the Company:


Yonga Technology Microelectronics R&D (YongaTEK) is a young but experienced company located in Teknopark Istanbul, Kurtkoy. The company founded in 2014 by a widely and deeply experienced team, each has more than 15 years of R&D engineering background in developing algorithms and implementing these algorithms on ASIC/FPGAs for communication, video and audio systems.


The company focus on 3 main areas:


  •  Digital Integrated Circuit (IC) and FPGA design, advanced verification (directed and/or UVM) and implementation
  •  High quality and innovative solutions on Computer Vision, Video and Image processing algorithms and implementation of these on HW
  •  PCB and embedded firmware design and test



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Embedded Software Design and Verification Engineer