Design and Verification Services FPGA Flow DO-254 Compliance


Verification Process

  •  Functional Simulations
  •  Timing Simulations
  •  Directed Tests
  •  System Verilog based UVM tests
  •  Formal Verification

Planning Process

  •  DO-254 Training and Consulting Services
  •  FPGA Design and Verification Training
  •  System Verilog based UVM Verification Training
  •  Establish project plans and standards
  •  Define strategy for compliance


  •  Management and Traceability
  •  Allocate system functions to hardware
  •  Create derived requirements


  •  Synthesis
  •  Place and Route
  •  Timing Model
  •  Generate bitstream file

Design Process

  •  High level description of design
  •  Identify major components
  •  RTL design


  •  Verify design on DO-254/CTS boards
  •  FPGA Validation


Design and Verification Services Soc/ASIC Flow for DO-254 Compliance


System Design

  •  Specification
  •  System Model Development
  •  Requirement Management and Traceability

Gate Level Simulations

  •  STA for hand-off before backend

FPGA prototyping for ASIC with big CTS boards

Physical Design

  •  Floor Planning
  •  Place and Route
  •  DRC


  •  High Level Design
  •  Micro Architecture Documentation
  •  RTL Coding with VHDL or Verilog
  •  Functional Simulations
  •  Directed Tests
  •  System Verilog based UVM Tests
  •  Formal Verification

Logic Synthesis

  •  Constraints
  •  DFT (Design for Tests) Implementation

Verification and Test Supports

  •  STA for sign-off before tape-out
  •  Test Pattern Generations

Tape-out and Fabrication

Chip Validation

Cost effective Supply Chain Management

FPGA ASIC Design and Verification