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Multi Sensor Incorporated Digital Moving Map

Digital moving map is a multi-sensor incorporated aviation equipment supplying the pilot and the operators on ground station with the enhanced situational awareness.

DMM tracks the foot prints of various on-board sensors on the ground and the trajectory of the platform as well.

Incorporating the information gathered from multiple sensors, DMM can deliver real time updated map with the embedded sensors of interests.

With the integration of DMM either on aircrafts or ground stations, operator can easily monitor the ongoing tasks and modify them real time as well.

Information provided by DMM enables the operators aware with its surrounding and directs the attention on the possible threads around.




  •  Monitor the foot prints of various sensors real time on the terrain
  •  Enhanced situational awareness for possible threads around
  •  Trajectory monitoring of the platform
  •  Support for commercial and military formats
  •  Task planning with way point assignment
  •  Preflight briefing and post flight debriefing
  •  Mission trajectory recording
  •  Provision to support various Navigational Data Formats


GÖZCÜ Digital Moving Map

GÖZCÜ Digital Moving Map